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name : 画家

Artist, Director & Designer.

■opus graphica inc.

■office address
yoyogi shibuya-ku,tokyo.

oofuji masayuki
opus graphica inc.


chocolate, dumpling, pear, foie gras, shishamo(fish)

masayuki oofuji
Painter/designer, oofuji was born in Tokyo in 1975. Using a unique methodof coloring transparent acrylic plates from the backside with acrylic paints, hecreates paintings with glass like clarity. The clear quality of his work bears aresemblance to animation cels, but his style is unlike any other and truly a "one ofa kind". Oofuji's paintings, sold not only to individual clients, but to stores, largecorporations and museums as well, can be spotted in various places throughoutthe Tokyo Metropolitan area. Though the majority of his paintings are comprisedof landscapes, in recent years he has spread his talents to drawing portraits ofcelebrities and his clients include Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan and many otherprominent figures in show business and the political and financial world.It should also be noted that because his basic sketches are drawn using a PC,data files of his works can be sent, thus making him a high demand artist in thefield of book cover and CD jacket designs. Always open to fresh ideas and newchallenges, oofuji welcomes all kinds of media coverage such as magazineinterviews and features, and personal appearances on radio and television.